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Business Permit Application

This application for a Business Permit in the City of Duluth verifies the property’s zoning classification, if a proposed use is allowed by the City of Duluth’s Unified Development Code and that the building’s occupancy is appropriate for a particular use. Such verification is required prior to applying for an Occupational Tax Certificate (business license). Please ensure that your business activity is an allowed use prior to signing lease agreements or commencing any other type of business activity. Any such zoning approval is based on current regulations as of the certificate date and is subject to change. The approval of this New Business Permit or Zoning Inspection for the Occupational Taxes does not establish a lawful nonconforming use or constitute a vested right for a particular use.

Applicant Information

Business Information

I, the applicant, understand that I am required to conform to all applicable requirements of the Unified Development Code for the City of Duluth and all other relevant laws and ordinances that may apply to the above proposed property use description. I am aware that uses in zoning districts are subject to change and this approval of this application does not establish a lawful nonconforming use or constitute a vested right for a particular use. I hereby affirm that I am either the owner or legal lessee of the aforementioned business property and that I have either obtained the appropriate permits to demolish, construct, modify or change the use or occupancy of my business property or that I will be occupying an existing commercial development with the same use as determined by City of Duluth Department of Planning & Development. I have made no changes in any way (i.e., any gas, mechanical, plumbing and/or electrical work, load bearing, non-load bearing walls, exits, etc.), apart from paint or other cosmetic finishes, without first obtaining a Building Permit. I understand that if I wish to make changes or change the type of business, I must submit plans to the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal’s Office and City of Duluth under a separate permit application. I understand that a life safety inspection will be conducted of my business by both City of Duluth and Gwinnett County Fire Marshal. The inspector may discover life safety violations that will need to be corrected and re-inspected prior to any Certificate of Occupancy being issued. I also understand that the inspector may find violations such that I will be required to submit plans and obtain an additional permit to correct the violations. If it is determined that the actual use is not consistent with the information provided, this application shall be considered null and void. I hereby affirm that the information provided is true and accurate. I hereby affirm that approval of this application does not constitute approval for any other permit that may be required by the City or other agency having jurisdiction.

Required Files for New Business Permit Application

If submitted without file(s) listed below or with the wrong file type, application will not be accepted.